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Upcoming Events


Service to the bands at Central Michigan University is the top priority of the Lambda Tau chapter. From setting up equipment to serving as responsible members of the band, we serve for the longevity and prosperity of the university bands.


The Central Michigan University School of Music has many ensembles that the Lambda Tau chapter works closely with.  Lambda Tau also hosts mock juries and organizes a reading band to improve musicianship around the School of Music.


The Lambda Tau chapter fosters and encourages leadership both within the fraternity, as well as positions in university band programs and those in other extracurricular activities. To be a successful leader you not only obtain skills that help you in conquering life's obstacles, however you are able to impose the same skills upon others.

News from Lambda Tau

Welcome back and good luck this semester! 

As recruitment season is upon us, please keep a look out on our website and social media pages for information on our events!

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